Is It More Affordable To Buy a Prebuilt Garage or Build a metal Garage kit?

Is a Prefab built Garage or DIY Steel Garage Kit More Affordable?

Seeking extra storage or workspace, many property owners consider purchasing prefabricated steel garages versus tackling build-it-yourself kits. But conflicting price data makes determining the most budget-friendly option unclear upfront. Generally for basic structures under 500 sq ft, buying pre-engineered garages saves significantly over framing oneself from plans or kits. Beyond 500 sq ft, DIY kits gain cost advantage thanks to economy of scale.

Prefab Steel Garage Pricing
Completely custom prefab garages built to site specs with materials, delivery and professional assemble average $50-$60 per sq ft minimum currently. This means a moderately sized 24x24ft (576 sq ft) turnkey garage costs roughly $32,000 at the midpoint of $55/sq ft point estimate. Quotes range higher pending exact dimensions, finishes, doors and special customization needs. But expect to invest at least $25,000 for basic prefab garages simply functional versus stylistic.



Steel Garage Kit Pricing
Alternatively, DIY garage kits from leading suppliers like American Barn range $5-$15 per sq ft including complete stamped framing components, roofing panels, hardware and instructions for owner assembly. Local permit fees and concrete slab pouring would supplement expenses but keeping finishings basic allows major cost control flexibility absent from custom ordering. That same 576 sq ft garage would require around a $4,600 framing kit at $8/sq ft average plus ~$5,000 materials for a basic pad. Even with $3,000 worth of doors, windows or insulation, total stays under $13,000 in most regions.

The Bottom Line
If wanting basic enclosed garage spaces under 500 sq ft without amenities, buying prefabricated remains most affordable. Beyond 500 sq ft when accenting with finishes, building from steel garage system kits saves 30% or more over custom ordering completed buildings. Factor in capacity to perform own site prep, assembly labor and later customizations from a blank structural canvas as well – capabilities that yield expanded value from DIY builds only garage kits allow.

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