What is a Steel Frame Building Kit?

UnPacking DIY Steel Frame Shop Kits – An AmericanBarn.com Product Spotlight

For homebuilders, farmers, or even small businesses seeking large but simple enclosures for vehicles, workshops, or storage, stick-built construction using wood framing offers an affordable and well-known route. However, ongoing lumber cost inflation coupled with wood’s maintenance, durability, and potential pest issues have prompted many property owners to consider alternate building methods using steel framing systems. One option rapidly gaining popularity is the do-it-yourself steel frame shop kit. But what exactly does a DIY steel frame shop kit entail and why is AmericanBarn.com a top choice for sourcing them? This article breaks it down.

Steel Frame Shop Kit Fundamentals
At its core, a DIY steel frame shop kit contains all the structural steel components needed to build a custom-sized shop, barn, or garage assembled by the customer on their own property. Kits include:

Steel Columns – Vertical posts secured into concrete that frame openings and support truss rafters and wall girts using bolted brackets. Often 4-inch square tube steel.

Steel Trusses – Prefabricated triangular steel roof trusses that span column gaps and handle weight loading across wider buildings. Include connector plates.

Steel Purlins – Horizontal roof beams providing an attachment surface for sheeting/roofing along truss spans.

Steel Wall Girts – Horizontal steel wall girts securing between columns to later attach sheet metal siding and ends.

Plus all required hardware, fasteners, and components like reinforcing base plates to connect together during assembly.

DIY kits enable ultimate customization including unlimited length and width potential based on site needs. The customer pre-plans their required dimensions and layouts for American Barn to pre-cut major structural parts to size so that customers need only bolt together on location like a giant erector set. Detailed instructions provide step-by-step visual guidance. Prior construction skills are unnecessary for most builds. This simplifies buildings beyond the complexity or expense of traditional stick-built structures.

AmericanBarn.com specifically carries top-quality custom DIY steel shop kits from a leading U.S. steel building manufacturer. Their decades of steel construction expertise bring precision engineering across the entire product line. DIY-friendly ease merges with commercial-level durability.

 Local construction code compliance is ensured and experienced support teams provide guidance from planning to delivery. Constructing your own shop or other steel-framed building .

DIY steel frame shop kits simplify constructing customized durable buildings faster and more affordably than traditional construction allows through pre-engineered bolt-together steel framing systems. Sourcing top-Quality Steel kits from the building specialists at AmericanBarn.com helps ensure your steel-framed shop, barn, or garage project proceeds smoothly from planning through assembly. Contact them today for flexible custom component pricing or to request their free informative buyers’ guide covering all the ins and outs of DIY steel buildings.

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