How Long Does It Take To Build A Steel Frame Garage Kit?

How Long should it take To Build A Steel Garage Kit?

Factory-built steel garages promise expansive covered spaces perfect for vehicle storage, workshops, and more with accelerated installation compared to conventional builds. But what exactly is involved in getting DIY prefab metal building kits fully constructed? Expect professional 3-4 person crews 7-10 days start-to-finish depending on dimensions.

Receiving Shipped Frames & Components

Quality manufacturers pre-cut labeled steel pieces to factory specs for simple job site bolt assembly directly off delivery trucks. Inventory all structural beams, roofing sheets, hardware bags, and accessory cartons against included packing lists before signing. Report any damaged or missing elements immediately. your Steel Frame Kit will most likely come on a flatbed Semi trailer strapped down extra tight. The Steel kits will be Delivered directly to the build site all at once, this can sometimes take two truckloads depending on the size of the structure. Shipping cost is figured into the price when purchased or arranged with the Steel frame Garage/Shop company after purchase to arrange the shipping to the building site.

Equipment/Tools Needed

Building crews need lifting machinery like telehandlers or forklifts plus generators for powering tools like impact drivers, hammer drills, and metal shears. Have welding equipment on standby for any misc connections or adjustments needed. Also provide assorted ladders, scaffolding, and safety harnesses for working at heights plus hand tools like wrenches, clamps, and ratchets for fine-tuning alignments. American Barn can provide a crew to come out to your build site to set up the Steel Frame for their customers, however, it isn’t necessary if you have the right people on hand. It’s not a job for just anyone but it’s also very easy and simple if you have experience building in the past or you are at least moderately experienced in similar construction projects and are fully aware of the process, Professional lifting crews are recommended if you have minimal to no experience in this area as it’s all too easy for accidents to happen when working around heavy steel beams. Safety is always first.

Crew Size Requirements

Expect needing a 3-5 person professional build team to lift and align the structural framework properly without risking accidents from falls or shifting beams. The more complex the dimensions, slope, or customization from standard kit specs, the more critical extra hands prove securing panels plumb and fastening properly as dimensions “grow” with assembly. As we stated earlier American Barn can provide a crew to come out to your build site to set up the Steel Frame if you haven’t already organized a crew of your own.

Build Timeline Estimates and Site Prep

Actual Building durations vary based on crew experience, weather, and supplemental site needs like grading. But presuming sound level pads exist with clear access, trained teams raise simple Average size rectangular garages in 7-10 full workdays. Prepping concrete footings extends schedules further of course so having your Foundation poured prepped and ready to build upon would help speed things up exponentially otherwise you may have to wait 30 days or more for the foundation to fully cure adding a month onto your timeline. Place priority on quality, and take your time assuring squareness and panel integration on your build rather than rushing the assembly. Most suppliers have online or call-in techs who can assist you if you happen to run into any snags in the construction of your steel building kit.  The tech should remain available throughout the process to resolve any other hiccups you may run into.

With adequate tools, manpower, and site access, owners can transform empty plots of land into enclosed steel garages faster than framing the traditional route. Focus instead on envisioning what types of customizations or how you’ll outfit the interior spaces for intended hobby or storage uses! or office space whatever the size of your steel frame building there are endless options for customization. visit to see what kits are offered Today!

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