Are You Considering Building a Steel Frame Garage Kit?


 Breaking Down the Benefits of Metal Garage Kits

Any homeowner with an overflowing garage knows the pain of not having enough vehicle and storage space. The option typically comes down to expanding the main garage or constructing a new detached metal garage from a prefab set for an additional room. But deciphering if that investment is worth it demands a deeper investigation into what pre-engineered garage kits deliver for the money.

What Do Metal Garage Kits Include?
Fully packaged prefab steel garage kits arrive on a truck ready for assembly. Besides framing elements like wall girts and roof purlins, this encompasses all necessary trim pieces, fasteners, doors, windows, and thorough 3-D drawings detailing placement for the model selected. For garage kits from suppliers like American Barn, wind and snow load designs guarantee adequate environmental factors like drawn plans certified by licensed structural engineers providing further peace of mind for buyers. This contrasts risky DIY guesswork on custom garage designs owners concoct.

Speedy Simple Construction
Part of prefab garage kits intriguing buyers is the advertised ease of assembly touted requiring only basic tools for construction versus custom projects hiring contractors. The pre-punched bolt-together light steel frames with labeled parts indeed avoid complicated beam cuts, welds, or intricate placements for alignment. Two moderately handy people can reasonably assemble a basic garage over several weekends if following instructions. There remains a learning curve in getting systems down though before enjoying the finished structure.

Value In Line With Costs
For average 20′ x 20′ garage enclosures, all-in kit cost lands around $10,000-13,000 contingent on extras selected like insulation, custom windows, or electric openers. This generally runs 30%-45% cheaper than hiring out the slab and full-stick build equivalent by contractors in most regions. So if seeking supplemental storage on a budget, garage kits offer genuine value in a durable metal structure sans new debt or second mortgages typical of attached garage additions.

When objectively weighing the construction simplicity, price, speed, and lasting steel structural integrity, metal garage kits satisfy needs reasonably for homeowners able to invest initial sweat equity into projects with lasting payoffs protecting vehicles and freeing up existing garage space once complete. The sense of pride in building one’s own detached garage prevails as icing on the cake.

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