How Much Should a 30X30 Steel Frame Garage kit Cost?

How Much Should a 30×30 Steel Frame Garage Kit Cost?

A 30×30 steel frame garage kit offers 1000 sq ft of enclosed storage, enough room for multiple vehicles, workshops, and more. But what’s the bottom line cost of both the kit and fully installing this common-size Garage?


Steel garage kits come with all the structural framing and exterior coverings needed to assemble the basic building shell on your property. You’ll need to budget for additional expenses as well over the total project timeline. Let’s break down typical 30×30 steel garage kit costs piece-by-piece:

Steel Garage Kit Price

The garage kit itself will be one of your biggest line items. This includes the steel framing, roof and side panels, hardware, trim, and instructions for the main structure:

– Steel frame: 
– Roof and wall sheeting: 
– Trim, vents, fasteners: 

Total Steel Garage Kit – 

Keep in mind cheaper kits often use thinner steel framing that compromises durability. High wind and snow-load designs cost more but stand the test of time better. Your local climate impacts prices too.

Material Delivery or Pickup

Factor in for shipping and delivery of the packaged garage kit. Or you may be able to save by arranging pickup with a truck rental.

Concrete Slab

A cracked slab leads to garage problems down the road. Budget $7,000 to $10,000+ for a 4-inch thick, fiber-reinforced concrete pad extending at least 1 ft past the walls all around.

Construction Labor

While DIY builds are possible, most people hire a general contractor or construction crew. Labor often equals the material costs. Allow up to $25,000 or more for professional build-out of the garage kit. Complex designs or finishes jack up costs.

Permits, Fees, Misc Materials

Finally, tally another $2,000 to $3,000 for local building permits, inspections, supplemental hardware and the 5% to 10% extra incidentals that always come up in large projects.

Total Budget

Combining the above, you can reasonably expect to invest $35,000 to $60,000+ when planning for and installing a 30×30 steel garage kit. As you can see, material and construction costs quickly add up. Getting quotes from vendors in your specific area is the most accurate way to set your garage budget.

While not cheap, a custom steel garage tailored to your space provides secure storage and protects vehicles, tools or equipment for decades after being built. And finishing the interior later in stages helps spread costs over time. Just be sure to calculate all facets of your garage build fully in advance!

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