Is It Cheaper to Build a Garage or Buy a metal Kit?

To Build or Buy a Kit: The Cheaper Detached Garage Option

When needing supplemental storage, homeowners debate constructing a standalone garage themselves or purchasing a pre-engineered garage kit for simplified assembly. Budget-conscious families want the best route to maximizing value. Evaluating key costs around construction, labor, site work, and finishing illuminates which approach proves cheaper long run.

Framing and Materials Cost Comparison
For the structural skeleton alone, garage kit companies leverage bulk supplier discounts to offer packages with all framing lumber, steel studs, sheathing panels, shingles, hardware, and instructions Call American Barn  today (270) 275.5581 to have your Garage or shop delivered. a 2-car custom wood frame garage averaging 576 sq. ft demands more in materials sourced individually before work even begins. Pre-kits prove vastly cheaper.

Labor Savings Rationale
Prefabricated kits feature labeled components with bolt-together assembly as opposed to intricate rafter calculations, joist hanging, and sheathing. This enables DIY builds, unlike intricate wood frame construction demanding skilled crews. Even sourcing basic contracting labor averages $4,000+ for foundations, structure framing, and exterior finishings on a detached build. Kit users invest their own sweat equity rewarded later by enjoying the garage space that you created.

Site Work Reality Checks
Some assumption exists by consumers that kit delivery means months of waiting or they expect delivery next day as productions sprout flawlessly from the truckload to a finished garage automatically. Yet no vendor provides a kit like that or the site drainage preparations, concrete slab pouring, electrical, and utility trenching essential to operationalize buildings. These site development aspects incur separate concrete, trenching, plumbing, and electrician expenses for any kit that your buy.

Are you happy with your End product?

A Steel garage kit is going to cost you some money up front just because steel is very saught after as a building material. the over all strength is obviously the main selling point but you get so much more along with that strength. you get longevity and peace of mind to start with not to mention everything I’ve listed below, a Steel frame Garage kit is the obvious choice. 

– Resists rust, rot, warping, cracks better than wood
– Withstands high winds, snow/seismic loads
– Handles temperature extremes and humidity

Low Maintenance
– Never needs paint, stain touch-ups that wood requires

– Steel garage kits cost 20-30% less than wood builds

– Steel frames accommodate more versatile spans/layouts
– Easily modified later to adjust access points

Speedy Construction
– Prefab steel framing assembles rapidly
– Bolt-together systems faster than wood builds

Fire Safety
– Noncombustible steel won’t fuel wildfires
– Doesn’t emit toxic gases if burning nearby

– Steel highly recyclable material
– Recycled content used in new steel production

Overall steel garages make ideal low-cost structures for secure parking and storage that lasts decades with minimal upkeep requirements. The strengths steel offers makes lifetime operation more feasible long-term.

When tallying all ancillary aspects beyond shell framing cost itself, evidence firmly suggests buying a pre-engineered bolt-together garage set with cut-to-size steel parts proves vastly cheaper than comparable custom wooden detached garages builds that you’ll most likley have to build from scratch. Just make sure to not get in a hurry vand attempt to rush the process, take your time and really prepare properly for accompanying site requirements and development needs regardless of framing type. call and order your Steel Frame Garage kit today!


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